How To Compliment A Woman
How To Compliment A Woman

How To Compliment A Woman

"Compliment" as an English word means a statement of praise and approval as well as a gesture of respect and honour.
Having stated this, complimenting a woman embodies a whole lot more than we ordinarily think. Women like to be respected, appreciated and complimented as often as it can be done; they value this concept very much, and that is why it has to be original and carefully done.

To me, a compliment to a woman is a white rose surrounded by lush green grasses. It has to be creative, true and beautiful. If it lacks these qualities, it becomes blemished, thus becomes an insult.
A beautiful woman knows she is beautiful, because she has been told many times before and she would be told several times in the future. Passing such a woman a compliment, one must make it different. Patience and study will yield a treasured remark from you. Most times, guys are always eager to pass on a compliment due to hormonal rush, and they end up saying something that is considered more or less a "noise" by the recipient, and this leads to low esteem on the part of the giver.

Therefore, I will reiterate that patience and study will yield a compliment that can only be nothing less than treasured. So instead of chanting the usual, "You look beautiful this evening", one should be patient and study the woman for a while: her sense of style (from clothes, shoes, perfume...
to make-up), mood and personality.
Your acquaintance with her also matters, a compliment is easier given to a lady one is well acquainted with; nevertheless it can still be given to a beautiful stranger that one knows little about. After quiet study on your end, there will be streams of ideas in your head that will yield a creative and original compliment from you.

So instead of chanting the trite remarks, one can rather say: "Your perfume accentuates your beauty. What is it called? I do like to know if I can use it too." This will probably make her smile or even laugh (especially if the perfume is feminine) and it may yield a prolong conversation between you two due to the question that ends the statement.

It is also important not to compliment a particular woman too often; this on the other hand may breed contempt. She may feel that your overly nice compliment is nothing but a sexual advance, for we guys know how sensitive a woman can be. One can do it during special moments by studying her and being patient.

Compliments should never be phony, as I stated earlier it is something they value, hence they will know when it is fake. Compliments should come from the heart and mind to be original, creative and beautiful.
Complimenting a woman can also be subtly done. You can try not to be obvious about it. You can try to generate a conversation between you two on any other subject such as music, movies or art; and when she starts getting comfortable with you, you can then pass it on, catching her off-guard.

I can state it for certain that she will definitely appreciate it within her heart of hearts.
I have partly stated this but I will fully emphasise it here. Complimenting a woman may not be based only on her physical beauty but can also be about her person and achievement. Compliment is also a gesture of respect and honour. A beautiful woman has been complimented innumerable times about her looks, so if you come about it differently by remarking about her inner person and her achievement, you can definitely touch her emotions.

And this can only give her a thrill.
I will like to say that a good compliment is a way of getting the attention of a woman one is interested in. It can be a good way of getting the woman herself. Like the example given earlier, the compliment should ease on a conversation between you two. And If all is played right you can be on your way on getting a date.

We guys should not be fooled when a woman pretends not to take a compliment well. She wants to be complimented. She wants a reiteration of her own judgment after looking at the mirror in the morning. But she wants it to be done beautifully being creative and true.

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