If Your Home Or Office Has Been Flooded, Contact An Experienced Company For Restoration

If Your Home Or Office Has Been Flooded, Contact An Experienced Company For Restoration

The importance of a proper cleanup and restoration of a flooded area is more important than many individuals may know. Even if the flooding occurred due to clean water, it must be removed as quickly as possible to prevent mold from developing. One of the first steps of disaster restoration Lakeland should begin by removing the water from the area. This could be through the use of pumps or extraction of the water from the floors, carpeting, and upholstery.

Most of the mold found within a building will not cause injury to a healthy individual. Individuals that suffer from allergies or asthma may be affected by mold in the air. Mold in a building will, however, deliver a musty odor throughout a building. Mold has a hair-like or fuzzy appearance when it’s in an active growing state. Mold that is not currently growing will be powdery and dry to the touch. Mold can quickly become active and start to grow when the powdery substance is introduced into the right environment. Water damage to a building can introduce the growth of mold within 24 to 48 hours. A homeowner should contact a fire and water 7 as quickly as possible to begin the cleaning process. When the service technicians arrive, they will assess the area and determine what classification the area will be placed in. For example, a Level A classification is a pre-mold condition. A Level E classification would be a large area that is contaminated with mold.

One area in a home that can retain a great deal of water is the carpeting. A Lakeland carpet cleaning service can begin to clean and disinfect area rugs or carpeting to limit the chance for mold to develop. Flood waters that enter a home from a nearby waterway or through surface water will need to be properly dried and disinfected for a healthy environment. In addition to carpeting cleaning, all of the saturated materials within a building must be bagged and removed. Ventilation must be increased in the area and dehumidifiers, fan and heaters should be used to decrease the drying time. Furniture should be lifted off of the floor so the flooring can dry.

Sheetrock does not need to be removed if it’s completely dried within the first 24 hours after flooding has occurred. If swelling at the seams has already occurred, the sheetrock will need to be removed. Drapes and all clothing items should also be removed from a home for cleaning and drying. Complete carpet cleaning Lakeland as well as removal of water-soaked items from a home if the best way to prevent mold from developing after a flood has occurred.

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