Top 5 Amalfi Coast Hotels

Top 5 Amalfi Coast Hotels

amalfi coast travelFinding the right hotel is crucial to having a dream vacation. If you're travelling to the jaw-dropping Amalfi Coast, you should expect a more expensive hotel accommodation because of its perfect views. 
 Since you have 5 main towns in the coast, it's also important that you choose the right towns to stay in. You also have 4 different styles of hotel to choose from. One is a romantic hotel for newlyweds or couples, a stylish hotel for single ladies, oldies and alike, a value hotel for budget-friendly people and a family-style hotel with huge rooms for family members.
The town of Ravello is found above the town of Amalfi with very few actual inhabitants. Because most of Ravello’s visitors are mostly families, the Hotel Marmorata is a great choice. Many of the hotel reviewers say that the customer service here was perfect and the place is very tranquil.
They also said that the staff are very approachable and friendly. It has also been quoted as a "paradise on earth". Wine tasting is also a must-try experience in Ravello. Then, you can relax and take in the scenery in Hotel Marmorata.
Positano is now a modernized resort in central Amalfi, Italy. With its Moorish architecture design on the steep hills and the stunning beach area, tourists love to visit for this unique town.
One of the best valued hotels in Positano is the Villa Tre Ville. The hotel has different sections to talk, relax and sip a cup of coffee and appreciate the lovely weather. 
In the south of Italy is a small town named Sorrento. It overlooks the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvious. Sorrento is a famous spot for boat cruises and sea fishing. If you have the money, you can stay at one its top-rated hotels, the Grand Hotel Aminta. 
Those who have stayed in the hotel said that the views from the balconies are to die for. It's also located near the central area of Sorrento where you can shop and enjoy a gelato on a hot summer afternoon.
Then there's the famous isle of Capri. Here you will enjoy the most stunning ocean you've ever laid eyes on. The aroma of blossoming lemon around it will calm your mind and body. A top-rated place to stay there is the JK Place Capri. It is a popular 5-star hotel situated back aways and a bit of a walk from the main shopping area of Capri. It's also hidden away from all the cruise ship tourists as well. 
Finally there's the town of Amalfi. One of the most magical hotels in Italy - and great for honeymooners - in Amalfi is the Hotel Torre Saracena. The hotel offers something special for couples such as a free spa for two. The hotel is also very private and away from the main town hub. They can also stroll Praiano Harbour and beach which is a short distance from the hotel.
There's no place like the Amalfi Coast. And planning a fantastic trip really begins with the place you stay. So make sure to read reviews before you travel and you'll have a much more enjoyable trip!

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