The Way To Decide Whether Or Not To Repair A Water Heater

The Way To Decide Whether Or Not To Repair A Water Heater

When brown, rusty water runs from the tap or when the pipes make a loud clanking or rumbling noise, homeowners should look to their water heater as a possible source of the problem. Any sign of leaking around the hot water tank should also be a cause for concern. When something goes wrong with a water heating system, homeowners have to decide whether to have it repaired or invest in a new one.

If the water heater is still relatively young, hot water repairs are worth the expense. However, if the heating system is more than ten years old, replacing it may be the wiser choice. If you're not sure about the age of your water heater, you should be able to find it encoded in the serial number on the manufacturer's sticker. You may need to look up the manufacturer to find out how the date is expressed in order to read it.

Rust in the water could be a sign of rusted pipes, which is not a water heater problem, but it could also indicate that the tank is rusted out and needs to be replaced right away. One way to determine the source of the rust is to drain several large buckets of water from the heater. If it doesn't run clear by the by the third bucket, the problem is more likely to be the tank than the pipes. A plumber Perth northern suburbs can help diagnose the problem if you aren't sure.

The loud clanking you hear in the pipes could be caused by sediment that has built up in the tank and hardened. The sound is caused by trapped water boiling beneath the sediment, and it indicates that the heat is not transferring to the rest of the water in the tank. This decreases the efficiency of the heating system, which will increase energy costs. A plumber can help determine whether there is sediment in the tank.

If you decided to replace your old water heater with a new one, there are many options to choose from. Gas, electric, and solar models are all available, and each has its advantages; however, many homeowners opt for gas installation in Perth due to the low operating costs compared with other systems. A certified plumber can advise you regarding the best water heating system for your home and your needs. Check out further information on the following topics: Hot Water Repairs in Perth, Plumbers Perth, WA Assett Plumbing and Gas Perth.

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